Breck Inn Green Initiatives

[b]As of November 2014, [/b]the Breck Inn has been given the Sustainable Breck Business Award. After undergoing both energy and sustainability audits and adopting many of the resulting reccommendations, the Breck Inn was awarded this status in November and is proudly displaying its certification sticker! [b]In 2014, Trip Advisor recognized the Breck Inn as a GreenLeaders in their Bronze Level[/b]. Recognizing the following as our top green practices: • Waste is composted • Energy-saving lighting controls • Towel reuse program • Local plants in garden • Non-toxic pest control • Linen reuse program [b]The Breck Inn is a partner in the Clean the World Program.[/b] Clean the World was founded in 2009 by two individuals, Shawn Seipler and Paul Till, who saw an opportunity to make a difference. Clean the World has a two-part mission: • Collect and recycle soap and shampoo products discarded by the hospitality industry every day • Through the distribution of these and other donated hygiene products to impoverished people, prevent the millions of deaths caused by hygiene-related illnesses every day [b]What is Sustainable Stays?[/b] Sustainable Stays is a Breckenridge Grand Vacations program designed to engage owners and guests in our company’s sustainability efforts. We believe in doing our part to minimize the impact our operations have on the surrounding alpine environment, which helps us fulfill our promise of always creating Grand vacations for you and your family, for generations to come. [b]What do I have to do to participate?[/b] When you agree to participate in the Sustainable Stays program, we ask you to do the following: • Set the thermostat in your room set at 70° F or lower during the winter. • Reuse your bath towels and pool towels. • Turn off all of the lights whenever you leave your room. • Use your reusable tote bag whenever you go shopping. • Use the recycling bins in your room. • Use the compost bin located in the Guest Lounge for discarding your food scraps. [b]What do I get for participating?[/b] To thank you for your participation, you’ll receive you a reusable tote bag and our staff will put a sign on your door, so you can proudly share your participation in the Sustainable Stays Program. Please leave the sign on your door when you depart, so that we can reuse it for future Sustainable Stays. We extend our deepest gratitude to you for helping us keep Breckenridge Grand! Corporate Green Initiatives [b]In the first year of Breckenridge Grand Vacation's[/b] participation in the Clean the World Program, BGV was able to collect 1,105 lbs. of soap and shampoo from our four resorts, distribute 1,165 bars of soap and recycle 581 pounds of plastic. These recycled products once processed were primarily distributed through schools in developing countries. [b]In 2013 Breckenridge Grand Vacation bought into a local community gardens project. In 2014, we have five teams/plots that are being managed.[/b] [b]In 2012 Breckenridge Grand Vacations won the “Summit Greener Business Award” from High Country Conservation Center.[/b]The Green Team is constantly looking for new ways to improve the company’s environmental footprint and has instituted many new and innovative programs designed to maximize environmental efficiency and help employees do the same.  [b]Breckenridge Grand Vacations’ green programs include:[/b] • Recycling cardboard, comingled recyclables (aluminum, plastic, and paper), light bulbs/batteries, electronics and more. • Recycling and composting at all office sites • Recycling in all resort units • Electronics recycling for resorts and employees • Cloth bags in shuttles for use by guests when shopping • “Green Tip” in Owner and Employee Newsletters • “Sustainable Practices” segment in every New Employee Orientation • Seed packet distribution to guests for Earth Day • Cost assistance for home energy audits for employees • All company parties are “zero waste” events [b]In 2012 Breckenridge Grand Vacations recycling totaled more than 2,650 cubic yards of materials – up 19.5% from 2011 – enough to fill a Boeing 737 jet every 3 weeks![/b] [b]2012 was the first full year of the composting program and more than 90 cubic yards of compostable waste was collected.[/b] [b]Breckenridge Grand Vacation's Top 10 Green Initiatives[/b] 1. The cornerstone of our green initiatives is our single stream recycling program. We offer the recycling option at all BGV properties to both employees and guests. Recycling bins are placed with every trash bin throughout our resorts and offices, making the choice to recycle an easy one. We now send more waste to the recycling center than we do to the county landfill. 2. BGV completed its first year of composting in April 2013 with tremendous results. We diverted 90.3 cu. yards of food waste to the composting facility at SCRAP (Summit County Resource Allocation Park), and reduced our volume of trash by the same amount. 3. We are committed to the recycling of fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, and ballasts. Our Green Team recently purchased a "Bulb Eater", which allows us to safely crush and collect old light bulbs, and will ultimately save our HOAs thousands of dollars in recycling costs. 4. Our new construction includes many energy saving features, such as the INNCOM system installed at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7. This system controls room temperatures and lighting by sensing whether the room is occupied or not. Lights are turned off, and temperatures are dialed down when the guests are away from the room or if the room in unoccupied. 5. All company events or meetings are now "Zero Waste" and we have made the commitment to purchase recycling, composting, and trash bins that we use at all company events. We also purchase compostable silverware, plates, cups and napkins that are used at all sales centers and company sponsored events or meetings. 6. The company is in its 3rd year of electronics/appliance recycling for all the resorts and offices, and this program is offered to all BGV employees at no cost. Last year we recycled 7.5 tons of old appliances and electronics. 7. BGV has a Green Team that meets on a regular basis, has a substantial budget, and has strong staff participation across all departments. The Green Team is responsible for educating both staff and customers about our environmental efforts and commitment. 8. We have developed a program to encourage the use of re-useable bags both at our resorts, and throughout our offices and sales centers. 9. BGV participates in the "Clean the World" program, which recycles left over soap, shampoo, lotion and conditioner from our guest rooms. These materials are remanufactured and distributed to third world countries that are in need of these products. 10. We encourage the use of recycled, remanufactured, or "green" office supplies and cleaning supplies used throughout our resorts and offices